iPhone 7PLUS 32GB, Buy now & Upgrade to a iPhone 8PLUS in 12 months for €100 (see description) , Unlocked, 24 Month Warranty,

€500.00 €349.00


iPhone 7PLUS 32GB, Sim Free, Grade: As New, with 24 month warranty.
Comes with charger plug and cable.
Sale Price - only €349


Peace of mind when spending your money is very important, our warranty gives you that. You are covered for 24 months for anything that goes wrong that you didnt do, ie. problems with signal, wifi, buttons, motherboard. What your not covered for is water damage, cracked screen, bends in the phone, cracks and scrapes. The battery is covered for 6 months.

If you have an issue we have 4 dedicated repair houses in Ireland who will fix and return you phone promptly.


Buy your phone this Christmas and you can upgrade to the next model up, this time next year for just €100.

This is a great offer but you only have to upgrade if you want to, simply contact us this time next year and we will upgrade your phone to the next model up.

How it works:  Buy this iphone 7PLUS this black friday weekend, next year send us the iphone 7PLUS, we will test it, if it's still the same quality with all pieces working and has no bumps and bruises we will send you an iphone 8PLUS for €100. This way you can upgrade your phone to the next model up without any hastle and you stay current in phone technology.