Welcome to our competition page:

Learn all about our current competitions here, what you can win and how to enter

We are giving away 15,000 euro between now and Christmas in phones, cash and tickets.

From October 1,

1). Anyone who like our Facebook page or adds themselves to our newsletter on our website gets 1 entry to our €1000 euro Halloween voucher Competition for where you can use it to buy anything on the site.

2). Anyone who purchases any product on gets entry to the competition of 1 entry per every euro spent, EG:. €100 euro purchase gets 100 entry tickets to the competition.

3). Share like and comment on any Facebook post and you get 5 entry's to the competition.

Heres the fun bit :

We are running 3 Big Competitions entry to 1 competition gets you entry to all competitions. the competitions prizes are €1000 Halloween, €2500 end november and €5000 christmas, Get yourself in now and often :)