Double Click Guarantee

When you buy a click iPhone you are automatically entitled to this upgrade option next year

What a deal, we not only want you as a customer, we want to give you the opportunity to stay with us for years to come. So buy from us and this deal will allow you to stay with us giving you an upgrade option for very little money every year on all iPhone's and a warranty that doesn't run out :)

The Double Click Deal Terms and Conditions 

From 20th October 2018, This deal allows the customer to trade in the phone of purchase 12 months after purchase and exchange the device for the next model up for a fee of Between €50 and €100. 

Deal applies to:

upgrade cost:

iPhone 5s to a 6 = + €50, 

iPhone 6 to a 6s = + €50,

iPhone 6 plus to a 7 plus = + €80,  

iPhone 6s to a 7 = + €50,

iPhone 7 to an 8 = + €80,  

iPhone 8 to an X = + €100,

T & C's This must be the exact same phone of purchase with matching IMEI numbers, with all the original parts and any warranty work done must be through or recommended Repair company.

Phone Condition and grading

All devices that are returned after the 12 months will be subject to inspection by a engineer who will initially ensure all original parts are still within the device.

The device that is returned after the 12 months must be in a Grade A condition to receive the € Double Click deal. We would advise customers to use a screen protector and case on their device to help ensure that this is the case

if the phone is not in good condition we will offer a different but reasonable amount to upgrade based on its condition 

The warranty on the new device will transfer over for the following year, if a customer has a 24 month warranty this will be transferred to their new device if they do upgrade. 

Timings for receipt of the new device

We will be offering a same day swap out throughout Ireland Once our engineer has approved the upgrade for the respective price and the customers upgrade funds have been received the customers new device will be handed to the customer or we will offer to ship within our 3-5 business day window.