Trade in

Welcome to our Trade in or sell for cash section:

Want to trade in your iPhone or Samsung  Phone for Online store credit or Cash?

We take new, used and broken phones and offer great prices for unwanted phones.

As well as Taking new fully functioning phones, We will take broken phones, broken screens, dead battery's and locked to network and apple locked phones.

Follow this procedure:

Please reset your phone, make sure there are no pass codes, find my iPhone is off and there are no iCloud logged in. Our Preference is the phone is reset to factory settings.

Send us the phone, once received we will contact you with a price for your phone, the price will be based on its quality, we will assess the phone and contact you with the price we can give you for the phone. Once the price is agreed with you we will issue you a voucher to be used on our website or we will offer you a cash price and once agreed we will transfer the funds to your bank account.

Please send registered post and email us the tracking number once sent.

Estimated voucher value are:

iPhone 6 €50/€100

iPhone 6s €100/€150

iPhone 7 €200/€250 

IPhone 8 €250/€300 

We also trade in Samsung s7, s7 edge, S8 and S9

These prices will vary with the condition of the phone

Please note if you send the phone to us and do not accept the offer you will be charged return freight of 8 euro

All Click Credit or Vouchers can be used to buy any products on our site including being added to your Christmas club or pay in Installment sections.